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    Default Atrium Suite at CSA

    We will be returning to CSA in 19 days. Once again, we have booked an Atrium suite. What room is your favorite and why? Did you have any luck requesting a particular room and then getting it? Thanks loads and looking forward to our return visit to CSA!

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    We will be there on April 19th for nine nights and ALWAYS request a 2nd-floor Atrium Suite in the middle of the resort. I've requested a specific room, although I've seen posts here where others have and occasionally have success. I've turned down upgrades just to have a 2nd-floor Atrium Suite; best rooms on the property.
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    We are currently in Atrium room 2128, and it is perfectly located as the side view from the verandah is of the wedding lawn, and from the front the sea. We asked for a quiet room with, if possible, a sea view and were given exactly that. It seems to be as close to the beach as some of the more expensive types. We asked for, and were given, a key to the verandah doors, very useful for popping in and out. It is also a convenient spot for the lovely little cat who visits us every morning.
    As cat lovers, we were impressed by his fine condition, then we were shown the 'Cat Cafe' where the cats are regularly fed and apparently have vets' check ups. All credit to Couples for their responsible attitude.

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    We love both the first and second floor rooms. One year we needed a first floor because my DH had just had knee surgery. We were a little skeptical, as we loved the vaulted ceiling, but we really enjoyed the first floor room. One of the things we liked (in addition to just coming and going without steps) were the sail cloth curtains that we could pull down around our balcony. This both helped to block out the sun, and gave us some privacy.

    We also enjoyed our room next to the garden wedding site. We got to see some beautiful weddings and hear some lovely music, and other than that, this was a VERY quiet part of the resort….All we heard were the birds and the tree frogs - no noise from the palms, and virtually no street noise.

    There are also a few Atrium Suites that are on the beach, but I'm not sure of the numbers. In any case, as you already know, all rooms are no more than a 3-4 minute walk to the sand!!


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