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    I know this is a common topic, but just curious what everyone's favorite drinks are at CN.? We are headed back for our anniversary (was there once before on honeymoon) and our favorites were hummingbird, Miami Vice and Red Stripe. What's your faves?

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    Right know I cannot recall it's name but my favorite is the Jamaican Smile. Like a Miami Vice but with Rum Cream rather than the Blue liqueur. Would really like one of those today. The Mrs likes the Appleton Breeze. rum, peach schnapps, triple sec, cranberry and a splash of 7up. Oh how I long for the beach with a frozen drink.

    Kurt and Angela
    CN 2011, 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017
    CSS 2014, 2016, 2017

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    Dirty banana, Miami vice, and rum punch

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    Favorite topic! Here was my drink rotation for our last trip to CN: Dirty Banana, Pia Colada with rum float, Miami Vice, Hummingbird, Purple Rain, Jamaica Smile, with a Dark 'n Stormy thrown in where needed. Repeat.

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    My wife and I start the day with a Dirty Banana. In order to maximize the benefit of those drink calories, we ask for an over-proof rum shot on top (my wife named that the Filthy Banana ).

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    Though I love dirty bananas and hummingbirds, for a non-fruit blended option I ordered a lot of Yellow Birds while at CSS. I would think they would know how to make one of those at CN too. LOVE IT!..

    Dash Tia Maria
    1oz Dark Rum
    1/2 oz Creme de banana
    1oz Appleton Special
    Orange Juice
    Simple Syrup... VERY refreshing!

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    Mmmmm they all sound yummy

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    Try the special of the day. they are good

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    I start the day with a Bob Marley and a Red Stripe. Then switch to more Red Stripes and a Marley or two through out the day. I might have a Hurricane in there somewhere, wherever I can fit it in. In the evening I have Rum Crme on the rocks. Then head to bed and pass out.

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    4 Saturday's away from Drink of the Day. Love them all but especially a fruit juice drink with rumS!

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    Frozen Yellow Bird made by Tennyson....can't wait just 3 weeks from today

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    The Next One!

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    I'm a simple man, Vodka & Ting.

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    Appleton Genesis & Ting! So refreshing!

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    Woo Woo, shot and drink,

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    Jamaican rum and Ting

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    Hi bethbilly!

    We usually start the day off with a Red Stripe (or two). A real great drink is a Pina Colada with the spice rum.....very delicious! Like many have stated.....we always try the drink of the day! Have fun and enjoy!

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    Paradise Passion!

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