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    Default Woodpecker still active at CSA?

    Was at CSA last May and there was a crazy woodpecker who pecked at the metal gutters or downspouts in the early morning. I had read about it on the board and laughed when I heard him during our trip. Is he still at it or was he sucessfully shooed away?

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    I was just talking about this to my husband last night, we were there in May also and he was right outside of our room a couple mornings and it sounded like a machine gun!! 6:30 am was the hour of choice. We are returning in June and I too was wondering if he was still there. Now if only they would turn off the recording of the frogs at night! LOL

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    We were at CSA last May as well. Not only did we hear that woodpecker, he spent many mornings on our balcony pecking away. I agree, it sounded like a machine gun. We took a video of him because no one would believe our 6:30am wake up... We still enjoyed every minute of our week long visit! Going to CSS this May to try another Couples experience.

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    I remember “woody”. Caught the maids throwing rocks at him one year. Didn’t see him last month though. Lots of cats though.
    Life is good

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    He was there when we got married in April, but happily he was NOT there in October. As we go back 4/19, we are hoping he's not seasonal!!

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