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    Default getting married public beach at CSA

    If you are getting married at the beach public?...also what is stopping anyone to come and see the wedding if its on a public beach?

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    Gordborg - Monica and I were married at CSA in Dec 2007. The beach at CSA is public and there is nothing stopping anyone from viewing your ceremony. There are signs posted on the beach that ask people not to walk down that section of the beach ( behind the minister) during the ceremony. That said, not everone honors the signs. Don't forget that there may be people in the water or jetskis in the background. If you want privacy, I suggest that you use the Wedding Gazebo. When Monica and I planned our wedding, we were set on a beach wedding. Upon our arrival and after talking to a young couple that had just had a beach wedding, we realized that we wanted the more intimate and quiet wedding that was offered at the Gazebo. Best decision for us. We have seen some of the most beautiful weddings take place on the beach at CSA but IMO the nicest ones are in the Gazebo. Either way - It's your wedding and you can always make your choice after viewing both areas. Your wedding coordinator (Tamika was ours) is great and she will make sure that you have a perfect wedding. Congratulations again for your wedding at CSA.

    P.S. get the Jamaican Fruit Cake for the wedding, It's more like a Rum cake and is outstanding.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    We were married on 2/27/09 @CSA and it was the most wonderful experience of my life. We also chose the Gazabo in the Gardens, it's private, beautiful and romantic! Then we hit the beach for pics. Here is a link to some of our pics. JOY

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    I was married at CSA in July on the beach. Yes it is a public beach, but it is so large that most people dont "hang" out in that Wedding Area. If you have the resort video the cermony they will have guards stop people from walking in the back of the misister. We choose to tape the ceramony ourself. You can view it on UTube if you google Mitch and Marys jamaica wedding or couples swept away wedding. I cant remember what I put it under LOL!!! Anyway we wanted to be barefoot on the sand. It was everything we wished for. We had a few couples attend our wedding that we had met over the days before the ceramony. Other then that not too many people were really around. In fact the entire week we were there I only witnessed a few weddings. I know for a fact there were tons of weddings but we just didnt hang out in that part of the beach. Good luck with your choice. I am sure whichever you decide you will be happy. Even if you change your mind the day of the wedding I am 100% sure they would accomadate you

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    thanks everyone!! dec 04/09 is coming faster than i thought....

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