We just returned from another wonderful trip at Couples Sans Souci. I don't think I have the vocabulary to describe our latest trip to our favorite place on earth.
The staff was the best. Always friendly,helpful and a smile on their faces.
The food and drinks were great.....from the casual dining experience to the elegant.
I can't say enough about the scenery. We love the grounds with all the neat pathways with the nooks and crannies.
Our room was more than we expected. We treated ourselves to a penthouse suite and enjoyed the views daily.Also were so pleasantly surprised by the welcome back gift of wine and cheeses that was sent to the room our first night. This was our belated honeymoon and the gift such a nice touch.
We met some really nice people who were from all parts of the world and of various ages. We had plenty of alone time too.
The weather was on our side.Plenty of sunshine every day. It only rained briefly one afternoon and then one night as we were sleeping.
Sunset Beach was were we spent most of our time.It's so relaxing.There isn't another place I can think of that makes me feel so peaceful and calm.
We are sad to be home but are so happy that we had such a perfect vacation.Next year can't come soon enough.
To those of you there now enjoy. To those of you thinking of going go.You won't regret for a moment.