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    Default Favourite spa treatments

    Hello everyone

    Just interested in your favourite spa treatments? We have been to couples many times and always have massages (which are fabulous) but are interested in other treatments that you would recommend?? Any you didn't enjoy?? Thanks!!


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    At CSS there is a $99 special that is sold as the staff walk the resort. You receive a massage and a wonderful exfoliation treatment. I've also always enjoyed my hot stone massages!

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    I had the hot stone for the 55 minutes and LOVED it... ended up getting two while we were there. Also indulged in my first facial, the four step one and it was heaven, I fell asleep! My face glowed afterwards... no makeup for evening dinner! Enjoy!

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    Hands down, Hot rocks!!!!
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    We had planned on using resort credits for two couples massages - one at the start of our trip, and another towards the end. My husband got a pretty bad sunburn towards the end of our trip at CSA (forgot to reapply after being in the water) - thus a massage didn't seem like a good plan. Looking at the spa menu for an alternative, we decided to go for an aloe wrap which was wonderful. We had the treatment in the couples suite, and they had us lie down on beds with special blanket wraps pre-placed. Then they took the soothing aloe mixture and gently applied it all over. Then they wrapped us in the blankets and then poured ice over the top which helped to keep things cool. They also applied cool towels and cucumbers to our faces. It was very relaxing and smelled wonderful. Afterwards we rinsed and they applied a soothing aloe lotion with other botanicals to help soothe our skin. By the end of the treatment, my husband's sunburn was visibly much better and his skin less tender - we were amazed. I had suffered some bad bug bite reactions and it also soothed my skin and helped stop the itching. The results weren't short lived either -we both saw quick improvement in our skin in the following days and it helped to make us much more comfortable for the rest of our trip. So glad we saw it and decided to try it out! A must for anyone suffering from a burn or sensitive skin from too much sand and sun.

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    25 minute full body massage in the tree house at CN! very romantic and relaxing. Irie Mon

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    hot bamboo massage

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    The exfoliation scrub - it doubles as a massage and your skin glows.

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    I read on the boards that often times they offer spa treatments at discounted rates good for the day you arrive. Is this standard? I would love the idea of a relaxing massage after all that travel, and if true, it would be great to get it cheaper because I know I'll get at least one or two more while I'm there.

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    Default Interested in this...

    Quote Originally Posted by sboland22 View Post
    hot bamboo massage
    Hi there

    We go to Couples every year and I always contemplate the bamboo massage but have never pulled the trigger! Ha Ha. I really like a "light" massage. I have regular massages at home to get out knots and muscle aches but when I am away I just want to be pampered. Sometimes I find the therapists a little rough so I'm worried that I may find this treatment...dare I say painful? Was this more of a relaxing massage? How hot are the rods and are they rough at all?


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    Each day the have specials if they have availability. I assume you can call the spa to ask, or walk into spa and see posted specials.

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    Thank you. I will definitely do just that.. I want to try the hot stone, get my norm, reflexology, and am thinking of a deep clean facial. So many things to try.. The bamboo sounds amazing too.

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    Hello there! At CSS I usually get the deep tissue massage. The massage is excellent and much needed for my runners legs. Last year at CSA I decided to try the exfoliation scrub. I absolutely loved this! This treatment removes all of the sunscreen and smooths the you got a bit of a massage with it. I feel you really get a great value for this service. I plan on doing the same at CSA this month, coupled with a 30 minute massage for my legs.

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    The exfoliation is great too!

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    Sun kissed,
    I got the bamboo massage at CSS. The bamboo was very hot but the massage was wonderful except the therapist found a knot in my shoulder blade area and worked it vigorously. It hurt for several weeks after that. However, I never ask the masseuse to ease the pressure so it's more my fault than hers. The exfoliation/scrub/massage was great but skip it if your sunburned. My all time favorite is the hot stone!!!

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