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    We will be at CSS mid May and are wondering what the arrangements are for drinking water. We were at CTI March 13 where we were given refillable water bottles that we were able to fill at chilled water dispensers around the resort (usually at the Pool Grill, near our room). Are the arrangements at CSS the same and if so where are the drinking water dispensers; or do they have plastic bottles of water available at the bars?

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    If it's still the same as May 2013, you get "Wata" in bottles.

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    CSS has bottled water available at all of the bars.
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    They have cold bottled water available at the bars and in your room.

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    Contrary to the above posts, the most common answer to requests to water at the bars was" we don't have bottled water yet, do you want a glass".. which alos serves the purpose....

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