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    Default Rain Rain Go Away!

    Was Excited about my trip coming up in 2 weeks and the weather says RAIN everyday!

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    Don't worry it said the same thing when we went last year and it only rained for a 1/2 hour the whole week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gege92665 View Post
    Was Excited about my trip coming up in 2 weeks and the weather says RAIN everyday!
    You'd better cancel then.

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    It does rain every day, but not for long.
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    ignore the weather forecasts it always says chance of rain, its been scorching today (again) - as Jamaica has mountains you will get clouds develop daily which can bring rain but usually disperses before it gets to the coast. In the last ten days we have had two days where we have had heavy rain bursts of a few minutes, a few days where it has been a bit cloudy in the morning and the rest of the time hot sunshine. My wife and I have great tans, even some of the staff have joked we are almost look like a local.

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    They always say that. We have been on 5 Vacations there and every year we get the same forecast. Rain every day. Never had a vacation there where it rained that much. Don't worry it won't rain every day.

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    Don't worry, it changes on a day to day basis. There is always a chance of rain.

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    Look for any week any month any year and you will see the same


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    No worries. It always says rain.
    In the past 3 trips to CSS, it rained/sprinkled 2 afternoons and we enjoyed 1 thunderstorm for an hour. Other than than, sunny skies!!!

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    Relax! It's the tropics. They forecast rain almost every day. If it does rain, it's usually only a short shower in the afternoon. If the rain bothers you, take a siesta. If you're so inclined, put a hat on and sit in the pool at the swim-up bar or in the hot tub! After all, you'll already be wet so who cares?

    It's called "liquid sunshine"
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    No worries, the weather reports almost always say rain it seems. You may have a shower come through during the day but they pass quickly.
    We usually always go to Jamaica in April and overall, the weather has been perfect pretty much every day. In 7 trips totaling about 58 days, I can only recall one day that it rained on & off all day.

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    I find the weather in the Carribbean ALWAYS says chance of rain and it never materializes. On top of that, you can't count on a weather forecast 2 weeks away. We're lucky if the weather man gets today right, let alone 2 weeks from now. I only worry about the weather in hurricane season...this time of year I've always been really lucky and those few times it did rain, it was a welcome relief for maybe 30min in the afternoon.

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    Relax, the Jamaican forecast always calls for rain. It will rain just about every day you are there. They are usually quick showers for 10-20 min. followed sometimes by rainbows. We usually don't even bother to move unless it gets heavy, then you may want to cover your drink!

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    "Pay no attention to the forecast or the man behind the curtain" I checked our forecast a few days before arriving and had the same forecast, rain all week. it may have rained for 10 minutes all week. That was it.

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    Typically it falls into a pattern. Sunny all morning, clouds gather, sometime between about 1:30 and 3:30 it rains anywhere from 15 minutes to 1 1/2 hours. We plan for it with other, fun, indoor activities and head back out when the sun returns.

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