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    Default Wife looking for a Golf partner at Upton April 5 to 12.

    While I'm diving wife will be golfing at Upton Golf and would love to pair up with anyone (man or woman) interested in fun day on the links. We are staying at CSS. She's a great conversationalist but keep an eye on her that she doesn't kick the ball for a better lie.

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    She must be a far better conversationalist than you given your rude responses in the other thread to the guy who tried to help answer your questions.
    If she doesn't find anyone to play with in advance there are usually other singles taking the shuttle to the golf course who are also looking for someone to play with. It's a nice little course. Enjoy!

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    I'm sorry but some people are 'me too' people who want to participate with discussions without actually answering the question. It was clear in my post that I wanted a cart at Upton golf club and his answer was about walking the course in Negril. So he asked if that helped and unfortunately it only confused matters. I come from a security background where details are critical and superfluous information is counter-productive and often, as demonstrated in that other post, I can rub people the wrong way and for that I'm sorry. Call me Joe Friday from Dragnet..."just the facts ma'am".

    And yes, my wife is a sweetheart and everyone will be better off golfing with her than me. Since my sport is SCUBA diving, having a regulator shoved in my mouth is probably a good thing.

    Thank you for adjusting my behavior.

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