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    Default sunset cruise at css

    Has anybody done the sunset cruise at CSS? Is it worth the extra cost? Where do they take you, and how long is the trip?

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    We've been to CSS the last 2 years and I don't remember them offering a sunset cruise.
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    I don't know where you'd have to go to get on one. I'm thinking the front desk folks could arrange that for you. Tower island is not too far and you can go on the cruise they offer, although its not sunset.

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    They have a new 25 foot jet boat... sweet!!! I was quoted $200.00 for 90 minutes cruise plus bottle of Champagne

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    We did the cruise. We had champagne and they took us out on the water ski boat. We went down past 'S' in one direction and then back the other way past CTI. It was okay....I wouldn't spend the money again, but our experience could be different from yours and you may enjoy it.

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    I remember seeing it posted on the watersports hut. Sorry it was a few years ago and hopefully someone else will chime in but they take you out in the ski boat maybe? Bring snacks and whatever beverages you want. I don't remember the cost, maybe try the search function and hopefully get some details. Have a great trip

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    We were going to take it on our most recent visit but decided not to at the last minute. It was $250 for just us and, as it turned out, it was cloudy and rainy most of the afternoon. It did stop raining but was still cloudy so there was no "sunset". I'm sure it would've been fun. Maybe next trip!
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    I think if you go to Romantic Extras at the top right of this page, then select Romantic Touches at the bottom of the list, you will see a sunset cruise for two for $250.

    I haven't done it so I cant speak to whether it's worth it.

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    For CSS, it looks like there is a Champagne Cruise for $200, and a Sunset Cruise for $250

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