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    Oh the wait is going to be agony! Can't wait to get back to CSA, the first Couples resort we fell in love with It was a hard decision between CSA and CTI. CSA is our first love, but CTI has the island

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    If it makes you feel any better, we have 625 Days. Our countdown started at 906. So, chin up! It could be longer!
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    542, you've totally earned my respect! I thought our 420 days was out there. We went to CSA on our first trip to get married, came home again to CSA for an anniversary now we are venturing out and heading to CTI. :-)

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    I'm down to 302 days.

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    Yowser!! Don't kill me but...43 days til CSA!!

    CSA 2014
    CTI 2017

    "One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain" ~Bob Marley

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    36 days here!!

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    I begrudge no one for going before me. My boss just got back from CTI on Tuesday. We were supposed to do Disney next year, but when my boss told me she was going to CTI I couldn't resist. This isn't the furthest out we've booked. When we went to CTI in 2012 we booked almost 21 months out. This time it's only 18

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    449 days for us or 645,689 minutes… Not that I'm counting. LOL.

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    we started with 504 I think, we are down to 124 now, but the closer I get the slower it seems to be going. I am starting to get that anxious feeling now about going back to CN. Our first countdown was about the same time but this time it is worse because I know what I am in for.

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    584 days until we return "home" to CSA...or 83'sh weeks...or 14,016 hours...or 840,960 minutes...or 50,457,600 seconds. Sigh.

    So glad we aren't the only ones with a lengthy (but well worth it) countdown! This will be our first return trip and we are very excited to be repeaters! Fell in love with CSA on our honeymoon in May 2012 and looking forward to celebrating my hubby's graduation from Nursing school with a trip next Fall (he graduates in May but we wanted to give him time to interview, find a job, etc.) This will also be our big trip before thinking about starting a family, so we are going to enjoy all the adult time and beverages while we can!!! : )

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    547 days for me until CSA. The wait is agonizing, but with children at home we can't afford to go more that every 2 years. The time there is so worth it though. Hard to believe it has been 6 months since I was last there.

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    We are at 560 days until our trip to CN. Our last trip to CSS started at a 604 day countdown. As hard as the waiting is, having a long countdown is better than no countdown at all!
    Kelly & Troy
    CTI 2010
    CSS 2013
    CN 2015

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    Yes I agree! Having a long countdown is better than no count down at all. We were at CSS in March 2014 and will be at CTI in July 2014 for our 14th visit with Couples. We are so beyond excited and can't wait to enjoy and relax at the best resort ever!!

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    10 and a wake up for us! We start the countdown calendar every time we come home....thank heaven it's usually no more than 180 days! Unfortunately when we come home on April 28th, the countdown will be much longer as we move our second trip of the year from October to December. It's all good!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by subrosa1969 View Post
    We are at 560 days until our trip to CN. Our last trip to CSS started at a 604 day countdown. As hard as the waiting is, having a long countdown is better than no countdown at all!
    So true! How very lucky all of us are to have a countdown. Our respective trips will be here before we know it and then - after all this time willing the days to pass more quickly - we will all go into reverse mode willing each day to pass as slowly as possible so we can enjoy every second of paradise!

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    I feel ya! 555 days and counting- the wait is agony, but it will be worth it in the end!

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    We're 309. Love you guys, you make me feel normal thinking about my trip this far out. Thank you!!

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    523! Lol. I got sucked into Pinterest last night and started pinning pics if CSA. I'm so homesick! May have to hit up the local Jamaican joint for lunch next week.

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    Ok now I don't feel so silly. 455 days tell CN. I can't wait. I have the app on my phone but have it set to weeks. Some how 65 weeks seems less then 455 days

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    Well, we booked over 800 days ago for April 2012...had to cancel and re-book for April 2013, had to cancel again and re-book.
    Now, finally we are heading to CSS in 8 days!!
    Believe me, I know its seems like an eternity waiting but soon you will be like us heading to the airport with tears of happiness knowing we are going back "home" at last.
    Hang in there, as you know, its worth the unbearable wait.

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    Well this thread helps lol to know I am not alone in a long count down. We have not picked an exact date but if we go in Jan it will be 635 days and if we go in June it will be approx. 787 days. I am as excited as if we were leaving tomorrow, how will I ever survive all these days? Thanks for posting at least I am not alone in this long wait.

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