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    Default CSA Premeire Beachfront room / building info

    We are booked in a PBF and arriving next month. After several hours spent over the last 7 months on this and TA message boards I think I have a pretty good understanding and expectation of our room category. Building 35, rooms 1128 & 1228
    Building 36, rooms 1126 & 1226
    Building 40, rooms 2134 & 2234
    Building 41, rooms 2136 & 2236. I know that requests can only be made at check in and may not be possible to homor. So, with that said can anyone share differences, insights between these buildings? We are fine with first or second floor but are concerned about the view being blocked due to recent reviews of vegatation. Also, would like to be as centrally located as possible to beach bar. Pictures of these rooms would be awesome too. With that said, one there, I plan to try to get some pictures showing these buildings and posting all together because there seems to be a lot of confusion.


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    We've stayed in a PBFS a few years ago and enjoyed building 41 as it's in the center of the resort. Attached is a map of CSA that shows locations of buildings: Name:  CSA Map Dec 2006[1].jpg
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Size:  36.5 KBSunset bar is between Buildings 36 and 40. Here is a link to pictures taken at CSA...some from/of our room:


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    Thanks for the response and pictures!!! I recognize your pictures from one of my many searches. They are so helpful. The map too. Keep up the efforts to help. It's much appreciated by newbies.

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    My wife and I had the pleasure of staying in Room 1128 in mid-February. It's the only PBFS we've stayed in, but I can tell you it was totally awesome. We had the entire first floor to ourselves. 2nd floor units are quite nice, but since they share the 2nd floor with an atrium suite that faces away from the beach, it's not quite as large. We loved heading out the front door to the beach a few steps away. If rain threatened, refuge was right nearby. One thing I liked better about this particular PBFS was that the foliage provided more visual privacy than the other 1st floor suites. I thought I'd wanted to be closer to the middle of the resort before we got there, but now I'd take 1128 every year if I could get it.

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    We've stayed in 1126 x 2 and 1128 x 1. Loved 'em both! Just the right amount of foliage to provide a bit of a screen, yet we were able to see the beach, etc.

    Enjoy this AWESOME room category!! Jealous!!

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    You're welcome, Katrina. Just think...when you come back from your visit you won't be a "newbie" anymore and will be able to help others. Have a great stay!!

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    Im so looking forward to being able to help when possible after my trip. This MB has been amazing in helping me in the planning process.

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    We stayed in room 1128 last month but moved to 2234. We really enjoyed the larger 1st floor verandah and bathroom of 1128. We like the second floor of the PBFSs better. Both rooms are marvelous though. We really enjoyed the larger 1st floor verandah and bathroom. The privacy and view is better with the 2nd floor rooms. We have stayed in this room category seven times. I hope the one you want is available at check in.

    Life is good

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    I have decided not to make a request. Its obvious that any of these rooms are going to be great! I would rather not be thinking "I wonder what I would have got" if I did request and it was honored. I will leave it up to the Jamaican gods

    CANT WAIT!! 20 DAYS!

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