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    Default Vegetarian at Repeaters Dinner

    Hello! We celebrated our honeymoon at CSA in Sept 2012 and will be at CN this May and are beyond stoked!!! I've been a vegetarian for 18 years. When I view photos of the menus for the repeaters dinner, I don't see a vegetarian option. Is there one available? Is this something that I'd have to mention to guest services when we arrive or do you think I can just mention it that night? I know they are usually very accommodating and have vegetarian options at every venue...I am just curious is someone can attest to the best way to go about it.



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    My husband and I are also vegetarians. You are right, there are no vegetarian main course options at the Repeaters Dinner. When we went to the repeaters dinner at Couples Negril, we spoke to the Maitre D' immediately and we told him that we were vegetarians and we asked if the chef would be able to make something for us. He did. I don't remember what it was but I do remember that it was good!

    When we went to the Repeaters Dinner at Couples Sans Souci, we didn't speak to the Maitre D' because it was a little more chaotic and we weren't actually able to ascertain WHO the Maitre D' was. At that Repeater's Dinner, we just ate the appetizer and the side dishes and we did not eat the main course. It was not ideal, but it was fine. We told ourselves that if we were still hungry after the dinner we would have a second late dinner at one of the restaurants, but we did not need to do that.

    The second time we were at Couples Ocho Rios we skipped the Repeaters Dinner altogether, so I'm not sure if the chef would be able to make a special vegetarian meal for you or not.

    Although my husband and I made do, I happen to think that adding a vegetarian option to the menu at the Repeaters Dinners would be a nice gesture. I feel bad having to ask for a "special meal" to be made for me and my husband. It would be nice if management added a veggie option so that we vegetarians can feel comfortable ordering straight from the menu.

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    At every repeaters dinner that we have been to (mostly at CN but once at CSS), before the dinner, the menu was read out loud as the manager was making introductions of the chef & they ask if anyone had any food allergies or would like something different than what was on the menu. I have seen people ask & I assume they received a special dish for their needs. I don't like lobster or steak but that is what is always served. I have thought about requesting chicken or fish instead & am sure it would not be a problem but haven't done so. I just don't eat the lobster or steak & pass it to my hubby. If you would like a vegetarian meal, you should not feel out of place asking for that.

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    I am also a vegetarian and would love to know ahead of time what they're serving. Where did you find pictures of the menu? I've searched on the board to no avail.

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    do not worry, I have never had a problem getting a veg meal @ the CN repeaters dinner, the front desk handled it one year, waitress another, and others in the restaurant at other times

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    Thank you so much for your replies! I figured it wouldn't be a HUGE issue, but it's good to know that other people have "been there". I cannot wait!! I'll probably mention it to the front desk at some point and if they say to mention it to the maitr'd, hopefully I'll be able to track him/her down.

    Thanks again!

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    It is not a problem at CTI.
    They always read the menu as has been stated and ask if anyone needs changes made.

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    Thanks JamAmericans!! So you're saying I don't need to mention it ahead of time?

    Thanks again,

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    I would let guest services know when you make your dinner reservations, just so the chef can prepare.

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