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    Default Transportation from Tensing Pen

    I know that the hotel only provides free transportation to and from the airport due to liabilty issues. I am curious though has anyone ever arranged a Couples transfer from another nearby hotel on check in day? I just wonder how its different then them taking guest to other destinations. For example, Ricks cafe. We realize there could be a cost associated. Who do I contact if this is possible?


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    If your staying at Tensing Pen before going to either CN or CSA just ask someone there at Tensing Pen to get you a taxi. You can ask either at the office or the guard at the gate. Either ahead of time or the day of transfer. No big deal. Set the price upfront.. since they help with luggage etc we usually pay about $20 to get from our cliff hotel to CSA.

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    I think Couples will only provide transportation from and to the resort from the airport and if you are doing a split stay between two Couples resorts. I think you may have to ask at Tensing Ping if they can arrange a taxi for you.

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    We are doing the same thing. Next month we are at Tensing Friday night then over to CN on Saturday. I spoke with Tensing Pen and they have some drivers and said not to worry about it till we get there. It's is however cheaper if you call the driver direct and negotiate the fee with them. We have used Garth with Garth taxi service in Negril (876-848-1439). We are also taking a taxi a hitting some spots in Negil before check in to CN on that Saturday. My question back to you is, how are you getting to tensing pen from the airport. I'm debating just finding a shuttle that's not full outside of the airport and paying them to hop on. The group doesn't know that it's the plan but everything always works out in Jamaica right???

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    It's 15 dollars pp to Ricks, I can't tell you why they don't pick guests up from other places, they just don't do it. Just call a cab, it's not that far.

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    Thanks to you both! Taxi it is.

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    joeymi-I just saw your post. We contacted Joe Cools for the airport transfer. Thanks for your info directly from Tensing.

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