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    Default Richard "Von" White, Jamaican artist

    While at CSS in April 2013, we met a local Jamaican artist who had been to our hometown, Grand Rapids, Michigan. He had visited ArtPrize, an international art competition that has artists install their artwork in and around the buildings of downtown Grand Rapids. Hundreds of thousands come each year to view the artwork, and the visitors actually vote to decide the winners. (More info at Now, it's unclear to me if this artist had exhibited at ArtPrize or if he had just visited..

    Either way, it was a pleasure meeting him. His name is Richard "Von" White, as it was shown on his business card. While hanging out at the beach bar, we looked through hundreds of pictures of his paintings and we bought some of his prints as souvenirs. His work has received many compliments from our friends and family, as we had them framed and hung them in our newly finished basement. Richard said he would like to see pictures of his art once they are hung, so I took the following pictures and thought I'd share them with all of you too. You can see more of his work on his website,

    The trip-tic, a piece of art that's in three pieces, and the beach scene are his. You'll notice there are also a couple carvings on top of our speakers, these are from beach vendors also at CSS. We love decorating our home with things we purchased from local artists at the resorts. Not shown, we also have a large carved wooden fish from CN that we bought while on our honeymoon. These things make our home feel more like our home in Jamaica. We're really looking forward to seeing what we'll find again at CN in June!
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