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    Default Non Alcoholic Beer and Wine

    Can anyone tell me whether the bars and restaurants at CN serve non alcoholic beers and wine, please.

    Thank you

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    Yes, they call it Pepsi :-)

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    Hi Lancsman,
    Non-Alcoholic wine and beer are not served at the bars. You can contact the resort prior to arrival to request non alcoholic beer.
    Michelle Gordon
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    I think non-alcoholic wine is essentially grape juice or some other fruit juice. (Isn't it?) There are fruit juices available. I have not seen non-alcoholic beer at any of the resorts.
    Best of luck.

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    Thank you Michelle, I will do that

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    My favorite is the Rum and Coke, hold the rum.

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    We contacted Couples Negril ahead of our 2013 vacation and they had O'Douls NA beer in our mini fridge and at all the bars. For medical reasons, my husband needed non-alcoholic options, so it was nice to have more than juice, water and soda to choose from. Just contact your resort in advance since they don't regularly stock the bars with NA beer.

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    For some of us, whats the point.... Sorry.....LOL

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