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    Good afternoon all! We are excited about our first trip in 3 weeks to CTI & SA. A few quick questions..1. Do they serve freshly made juice, such as watermelon at breakfast? My favorite resorts in Mexico have it daily and I love filling up my insulated cup and adding some vodka . 2. What kind of beer other than Red Stripe do they serve? Are there any American beers available? 3. I see that they give you a water bottle, but do they also have bottled water?

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    Yes to fresh fruit juices and bottlewater at csa. There are a bunch of choices at the Palms for breakfast. You can ask for bottled water in your minibar. As far as beer, no American beer I don't believe. I just drink the red stripe and really enjoy that, when in Rome......have a great trip
    I'll add, I keep reading about Guiness across the road at the smoothie bar by the spa, but I can't confirm that.
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    Thank you! I am not a beer drinker usually, but I know my husband (while he likes Red Stripe Light, which I am assuming they will have at the resorts? The Grand had it last year, so it was good) will be wanting some Bud Light eventually, lol. If need be we can stop on the transfer from CTI to SA

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    Each bar had different beer choices. Some days there was Heineken others Miller Lite. Some just Red Stripe. It just depends.

    As for juices I can remember papaya, orange and pineapple. Mix them and add a shot of dark rum. Amazing.

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    Yes there is red stripe light on tap and I believe you can get the bottles in your minibar

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    I've seen Miller lite served at CSA, but since I don't drink beer when I'm in Jamaica, I've not seen anything besides Red Stripe, Red Stripe lite and Guinness (Guinness if very popular in Jamaica) :-D , I don't know about CTI. For juices in the morning at the Palms, I've seen Orange, Grapefruit (real yellow, not sweetened Ruby Red), Cranberry, Apple, Pineapple, and Sop juice... Sop is cloudy almost like Skim milk but a bit more pale. It has a light sweet taste that is refreshing and not acidic like Orange can be. Please don't be afraid of the water on the island. Jamaica takes great pride in its water processing and while you can tell it's chlorinated, I prefer it to water I've had in many places around the US.

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    Thank you everyone for your answers. I am not afraid to drink the water out of the tap, but for dietary/health reasons I need to drink a specific amount each day, having a set amount of water bottles makes it easier for me to keep track . Looking forward to our first visit to Couples!

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    I don't think they sell Bud in Jamaica. It's not Mexico. When I go to either I sure don't expect to get Michelob Ultra Lite.

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    When at Swept Away, go to Seagrapes and they can juice anything you would like. Provided the have it of course. You can have your juice, and your husband can help himself to a draft Red Stripe at the tap right to your left, facing the water. Hoping to have one in my hand in about 24 hrs.

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    at CTI they have RED Stripe, Red stripe light and Heineken at the piano bar

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    The fitness center has two different types of juice daily. Cucumber infused, watermelon infused, coconut infused etc. I want to say the water bottles are mini bottles. They do have water dispensers sitting around.

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