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    Hello everyone

    We are a few short weeks away from our arrival at CN and wanted to ask all you CN experts about dinners. We have stayed at CN in the past but it was a few years ago and wondering if some things have changed and had some questions. Here goes..

    #1 Does Lychee require reservations?
    #2 Is there an International night or Gala? I seem to recall there being an outdoor set up one night around the pool?

    Thanks! Counting the days...


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    Hello Sunkissed,

    Counting down we see... Lychee Restaurant doesn't require reservations and is closed on Mondays and the pool deck grand gala night is held on Saturdays.

    Looking forward to having you with us.
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    What is the grand gala?

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    I am also curious.. Saturday night's grand gala is not listed under Negril's special nights on the website... Is it new?

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