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    Default sand flea problem solved byhome remedy

    after attending a family picnic where to much alcohol was provided resulting in a serious rock fight with tragic results i applied the lessons learned to the sand flea problem. rub your legs with a healthy dose of over proof rum and sit comfortably (picnic style) in the sand. fleas will consume rum and just just like humans begin stoning each other and forget their flesh devouring habits.

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    Please try this and let us know the results. Also, please keep an accurate count as to the number of flies that land on your legs, the number of ant bites per square inch, and whether or not an errant ash from someone's lit cigarette ignites the rum at some point in the day.
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    Sounded like a perfect solution until I thought about going up in Flames!! Back to square one.

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    Crazy idea but what about a dogs flea and tick collar worn as an ankle bracket?

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    My brother-in-law found the ultimate remedy...He wears cowboy boots with Vapona Fly Strips taped around his ankles...Stops 'em in their tracks! Before he leaves for Couples he always uses a Flowbee on his legs to ensure they have nowhere to hide...He swears by it!

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