Wifey & I just returned from our first trip to Jamaica/CN. After scrutinizing these (and other) boards in an effort to be "ready" for this trip, I felt like there would be very few surprises.

Upon departure from CN & returning home, we both agreed that couples surpassed all the hype. Those who have been there know what i'm sayin'.

We were most pleasantly surprised at the food at CN....quality, freshness, quantity, assortment, availability, presentation,etc...
Having been to other AIs, I did not think this type of food was achievable at such a place! I am a middle-aged guy who never has been able to gain/maintain weight. I have always been 165-170lbs....always. Upon return from a week of CN, I am pleased to announce I returned home at 185lbs! WOWEEEEEEEEEE!

'Nuf said.

Ps- I'm sure that 10-15 dirty bananas per day helped too!