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    Default Spa reservations

    I see on Couples website that you can add spa services and pay with a credit card. Can you schedule spa services before arrival (and pay with resort credits), or do we wait until arrival to make these reservations?

    Thanks in advance.....

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    You book your spa treatments after you arrive. Be sure to also book your dinner reservations or excursions or trading day then as well. When you check in, they will get a credit card number from you, and upon checkout, any resort credits will be applied to any charges you have accumulated, ie; spa services, private dinner, etc. and the balance will be charged to your credit card.
    We will see you in 30 days!!!

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    You'll need a room number to book a service so you can't do it prior to check in

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    Schedule when you get there. There's really no rush, it's not that busy.

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    You need to wait to make your reservations until you arrive at the resort. They will bill services to your room and you can settle your bill at check out. Have a wonderful trip! I love the spa at CSS! I love the hot stone massage. Also the $99 special too! The special is offered by spa staff when they are walking around the resort.

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