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    Default All 4 Resorts in One Trip?

    The Mr. and I will be celebrating a big anniversary next year and are thinking about trying to hit all four resorts in one trip. We've been to CN the last four years and are thinking about a split stay -- CSS for a week, then CN the following week -- and visiting CTI and CSA using Trading Places. Has anyone done something like this? Tips? Advice?

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    Sounds like a dream trip to me. Be a great review...

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    We haven't. But WOW! Do it.

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    That IS a dream trip, go for it!!

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    The only suggerstion that I would have is to do CN and CSA, then come over to the other side of the island and you can do CTI and visit CSS.

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    You would be living my dream!!!

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    That's exactly what we are doing this year! We will be going to CSS 5/24 - 5/30. While we are there we plan on doing Trading Places to CTI. My husband will also be turning 60 while we are at CSS. Then we will be going to CN 5/31 - 6/6 and doing Trading Places to CSA during our week there. We will also be celebrating our 25th anniversary our week at CN. So excited I can hardly stand it!

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    We have not either.....go for it! We love both the Negril and Ocho side. Both locations have such character. Enjoy!

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    Sounds like a long time on the road between resorts. Maybe break it up into two years.

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    Hi MrandMrsBean, we are set to do our first trip to CN this June for 7 days, and if sand gravity doesn't over take us, we will do the Trading Places day to CSA. We then head off to our home away from home CSS for 7 days. We have signed up for Trading Places many times but have never been able to get up and leave the beach to actually go to the other resort!!! I hope you have the strength that we lack!!! Have a great trip!!!:-)

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    We've done CN trading to CSA and then to CTI trading at CSS in 2011. The only complaint was the travel from CN to CTI which was approximately 4 1/2 hour drive but fortunately it was raining. We were originally scheduled to take the one hour plane ride (extra expense and forget name but located across the street from CN) but the weather was bad.

    Glad to have had the experience but every minute is important to us at the Couples' Resorts.

    Paul & Debbie
    One Love since 1980!

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    We did exactly that trip last December except stayed only 4 days at CSS before moving on to CN. You'll love it.

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    We did this in 2013 but over 3 weeks. This was my post about it
    It went very well for us, and the transfer was just a good way of looking at the island during the daylight - UK flights tend to arrive late so it was new to us.

    In 2014 we only had 2 weeks so just went back to CSA, although we think we might CSS/CSA for our next fortnight in 2015.

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    We priced,, like 5 days at Negril an 5 days at our beloved Tower Isle,, it was outa our budget,, But would love to spend 10 to 14 days At Home In Jamaican Paradise

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    We did stayed at CSA this past trip and visited CN. Were in CTI last October and did not see CSS. Sounds like a great plan. Hope it all works out for you. I would try for two weeks though.

    Life is good

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    Sounds like a plan! We are spending 1 week at CSA and 1 week at CSS next year. I definitely plan to do trading place from CSS to CTI, since we were at CTI before the renovations and I'd love to see her now. Not sure if we will do trading places to CN. We have never been and in all our trips we always plan to do the trading places but sand gravity takes over.

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    We did it last October but we had stayed at all the Resorts individually before. it's a fun thing to do.

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    Sounds perfect. CSS and CN are our favorvites.

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