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    Default Last minute queries

    Is it easy to get hold of some milk to keep in the minibar? We are English so naturally we need a nice cup of tea immediately on waking.

    Are bathrobes provided in the rooms? ( atrium, CSA)

    What would be a reasonable amount of dollars to bring for two weeks? We are not really into souvenir buying so presumably we are only talking off site trips, if any, and tips for cat and shuttles. I saw one post on here which seened to be recommending $400 for one week's stay, which struck me as rather a lot.

    We arrive in 28 March, catching the 12.30 Virgin flight from Gatwick, anyone else?

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    It shouldn't be a problem to have milk in your minibar fridge. The staff at Couples are usually very accommodating.

    Yes, robes are provided in the rooms.

    We usually bring about $300-$400 depending on what we plan to do off resort and allowing for any purchases we might make (prices for things bought with dollars are better than for those using a credit card).

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    Hi we arrive on 3rd April for 2 weeks, we are British & we are getting married here on 9th April

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    I'm sure you can easily get your hands on some milk. I've not been to CSA but I would imagine if you ask at one of the restaurants they can accommodate you. We usually bring around $300 with us just so we have money for tips at the airport plus shuttle drivers and if we see something we want to purchase from the vendors at the resort. You never know what just has to come home with you!
    I believe all the resorts offer robes but don't know for sure... Enjoy your vacation! You're going to love Couples and the beaches in Negril and amazing.
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    We're from the UK too, and like our cuppas with milk too! We arrive on March 31st - OMG just one week from today, can't wait now.

    We have budgeted about $400 for 10 days. Hopefully that will be more than enough for a couple of trips, the odd souvenir and tips off resort.

    Chris & Steve

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    All you have to do is fill out the "room service" card for your morning drop off, mark that you want tea and mark the milk area. Also, don't forget to fill in the fresh fruit and banana bread. A quick bite and sip to start your day, outside on your veranda!!

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    Thanks everyone. The milk info is very reassuring, have sorted out dollars as recommended and have unpacked the packed dressing gown as surplus to requirements. Chris, Steve and Sue, hope we run into you. Not long now!

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    Just to say we are here at CSA and loving it!
    We booked an Atrium Room and following an emailed request for a nice quiet one with a sea view if possble, we have been given room 2128, absolutely perfect, downstairs, view from the the side of the verandah is of the wedding gazebo, to the front it is the beach. Wonderful!

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    Sounds amazing, hope to see you soon.

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