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    Default Menu changes at CSS

    Does anyone have any idea what days of the week the menus change at the restaurants at CSS? Do all of them change? I'm really just concerned with dinner. We will be there 5/24 - 5/30. Fourth trip to Couples, 2nd to CSS. Thanks for all your help!

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    I could be wrong, but I thought the menu was different from day to day. There were some repeating days in there (not 7 different menus), but not consecutive days.
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    At Bella Vista and Pallazina there was one menu for Saturday, Sunday and Monday, and a different menu for Wednesday and Thursday.

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    Hi! I thought the menu changed on a weekly basis on Wednesdays.....irie I can you confirm or provide the correct information? Thank you!

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    The menus typically change between the "event" nights. So there is one dinner menu Wednesday and Thursday, then the Friday night gala, then a new menu Saturday, Sunday, Monday, then the Tuesday beach party. I know this is how the dinner menus are, but I am not sure how or when the lunch menus change.
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    The restaurants at CSS rotate 2 menus and they change on Wednesday of each week.

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