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    My girlfriend and myself are coming to CSA beginning of June and her birthday is during the week we are there. i was thinking of surprising her with either a private dinner on the cliffs at ivans or doing a private sunset catamaran cruise down towards the cliffs w/ some snorkeling etc. Has anyone done any of these activities? Which was better/more romantic?

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    Do the private dinner. I wife still talks about it from 3 years ago. Lots of points!!!

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    We haven't done either but the dinner at Ivans would be more romantic. Is that the place where they have the 100 candles? If it was me, I would prefer the private cat cruise, just because you can't do that anywhere. Both would be great, have fun, she is a lucky lady

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    My wife and I did Ivan's 100 candle dinner, I can't speak highly enough of the experience, still getting brownie points for it!

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    I haven't heard of a private cat cruise, but we did the private sunset cruise at CSA last month. They take you out on the dive boat, anywhere you want to go. I don't know if they'll let you snorkel or not, or if you can go before the end of the day. Probably not because they use the boat for scuba. We even go to see dolphins swimming and jumping in the wild. We went down to the lighthouse and back with a stop at Rick's (couldn't get off the boat). It costs $300 for up to 4 people. We also did dinner at Ivan's, but not the 100 candle dinner. You can request a table at the edge of the cliffs, with the same view as the 100 candle dinner. It cost about $125 including the cab fare back to the resort (they pick you up for free). We had Lobster Thermador which was excellent. I would do both again.
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    ok great thank you Wally i was just going off of hearsay. Im thinking i might lean towards the private sunset cruise only because its more private, and what better way to enjoy your significant other and the beautiful sunset and waters of jamaica. thanks again and ill have some pictures to share come mid june. 66 days and counting...

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    Include a proposal and she will be one happy girl!

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    We did the private sunset cruise in December from CN. We headed down toward the lighthouse and ricks. We asked if we could go snorkeling and they took us. Snorkeled about 45 mins. That was great, we didn't have to stay with the group and we had one on one guide to show things to us. That was the best part. I'd say, do the cruise.
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