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    Default CSA 35 days...questions :)

    Can somebody please tell me what the dress code is for Lemon Grass? The website says Resort Elegant, but I know it is not air conditioned. Just want to be prepared. Also, we were wondering what the brand of wine is that is placed in the mini bar. Thanks in advance for your responses
    One Love, Gloria

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    All dress codes are listed on the resort website. You'll get 75 different responses here!

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    Greetings Beachbaby310. As of this morning, we too are @ the 35 sleeps mark! Whoot-whoot! Cannot wait!! Re: Lemongrass dress code: Resort elegant pretty much = Nice but casual wear - NOT too casual though!! Sandals are great. Men: Nicer dress shorts w/a nice shirt. Women: dresses, capris' etc... Just think nicer than something you'd wear to breakfast(or lunch for that matter) and then to the beach(especially no sleeveless shirts for men). Lemongrass is a lovely restaurant & very nice. Lots of fans circulating the air, some seating is outdoors and the service is great!! Think warm summer nights for the weather and wear what you'd wear to a nice restaurant in your hometown... After all our trips, I can't remember what brand of wine is in the mini bar... Whatever it is, it's ok & fine for me. I drink white wine and always have a glass in the mini so I drink from a chilled glass as well. See you around CSA. Sal & I are usually found by Sunset Beach bar - on the beach. Say hello. We'll buy you a drink!!! Respect, Razzl

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    We returned from CSA in February. The wine in the mini-bar is "Tavernello." It was certainly drinkable.

    Bob usually wears dress shorts and a polo to Lemongrass. Men do not have to wear slacks to Lemongrass. I usually wear a dress, but only because it is cooler to wear a dress than capris or even dress shorts and a blouse. It can be very warm in the evenings, but Lemongrass has a lovely verandah if you can snag a table, especially if you have an early seating (try for 6:30, then you can also watch the beautiful colors from the sunset).

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