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    Default Morning Room Service Question

    Does anyone know if the carts that room service bring the food in on have covered dishes? I want to hide my wife's new ring under one of the leads so she would find it while eating breakfast on the balcony.


    Rob and Melinda

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    I think you are going to CTI, and their breakfast plates are not covered except for a clear wrap. You could put the ring in the bread/roll basket. It is a basket lined with a white clothe napkin that is folded over on the top. Just open the basket and put the ring in.
    Irie Mon

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    At CSS the food is just covered in saran wrap no covered dishes. There was a bread basket with muffins,etc. wrapped in a cloth napkin - maybe in there?

    The dinner room service at CSS had covered dishes.


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    If not I am sure they would for you. They are very accomidating to romance!

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    All the dishes come with shrink wrap platic on them. If you like you can upwrap one of the dishes and slip the ring in hte dish under something. Hpefully that will work

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    Unfortunately, I don't think they do for breakfast. The fruit comes on a plate and wrapped in cellophane. The bread/muffins come wrapped in linen in a basket. And all of the yogurts and cereal come as is. But the coffe cups are turned upside down...maybe you could hide it under that?
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    You could ask them if they have "dish covers." I can't imagine that they wouldn't accomodate you if they're available.

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    I agree! Ask the day before if they will give you a covered dish for the next morning bfast order and I am sure they will. There is a reason we all keep going back time and time again.......romance!

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    Congratulations! How romantic.
    ps- I hope she doesn't read the message board.

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    They do covered dishes for dinner at some of the restaurants, if you can wait 'til nighttime. Good luck!

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    Just grab a flower they are growing all over and put the ring on a flower on the breakfast tray even better than on food.
    Shari & James
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