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    Default CSS booked for July / weather question

    We are so excited! We booked our return trip to CSS today! We'll be there in July. We were married at CSS March 19th 2012, and finally two years later we get to come back.

    My question... How is the weather in early July (6th) as compared to when we were there in March?

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    It is usually in the upper 80's occasionally 90
    Nights are great, mid 70's
    Technically it is hurricane season
    so it could happen

    We will be there from 7/2 to 7/13
    Look us up

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    Great! Will Do

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    Hi jw79-Hubby and I always go in July to CSS to celebrate my birthday! This will be trip #8! It is usually very warm and there is an occassional afternoon rain shower that passes through quickly. We will be arriving July 5th and departing July 12th, so we may run into each other. Hope you enjoy your trip!:-)

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