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    And so, the process begins once again. A ritual that has been repeated so many times over the years. A task that we gladly accept. One that, when completed, will yield excitement, enjoyment, happiness, laughter, and uncounted memories that will linger in our minds for years to come.
    This responsibility can not be delegated to anyone else. It is for us and we eagerly look forward to accomplishing all that will be asked of us.

    Prior to this next phase that will be taking place, some preliminary paper work was necessary, and we had the assistance of our very capable travel agent, Janet. Although we can receive no assistance in all phases to follow, in the preliminary stage, it does require outside help in order to purchase the airline tickets and make our reservations. With all of that in place, we now move on to our in-house preparation.

    Two card tables now stand here in the computer room, ready to receive our two favorite traveling companions. Last year it looked as though one on the old guys was on his last wheel. We were ready to let him go. But a little ingenuity on my part, and my friend is ready to roll.

    Through out the year, we are constantly buying things that will eventually wind up in Jamaica. Some things someone may have asked for, other stuff will just be given away. So before I could drag the bags down from upstairs, I had to take out a lot because it was very heavy. After a few more trips upstairs to get everything, the empty suitcases are on the tables and ready for packing. Thatís what will amuse us for the next 33 days or so. Put this in, take that out. Nope, put that back in. Itís all part of this romantic ritual. A play that has been enacted over and over again. Never any rehearsal time. But when the curtain goes up and the house lights dim, we know our parts and where we should stand. Let the show begin.

    As usual, the room is now filled with bags and boxes of everything from gobs of chocolate, clothing, jewelry, prizes and surprises. This part of our upcoming journey keeps the ďI want to go nowĒ feeling right up front in my head. We giggle and laugh as we go about making some order out of all this disorder. There is great anticipation in the house. And over the next 33 days, it will continue to grow in intensity. The more it expands, the more difficult it will be to contain ourselves. Finally, on the morning that we turn out the lights and lock the door, all that energy that has been building and building for all these long months, will then explode like a thousand Fourth of July nights. A fitting climax.

    But all of that is still out of reach. We must let the pendulum gently swing from side to side, and be content to stare at all that surrounds me at this moment. Itís only the beginning. And Iím enjoying every second of it.

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    Beautiful anaology Crabracer. I love this post!

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    Enjoy your trip and give cti our love!

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    Oh @crabracer, I love your posts. They totally sum up my vacation mentality

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