Hi, I am going on my honeymoon to CSS 10/26-11/1. My soon-to-be hubby has some questions:

1. What is the temperature of the water during this time of year? I've heard Oct. is their rainiest season, is it a warm rain or a cold rain? We're concerned about being in the water if it's too cold.

2. Are there any jet skis? Maybe as an extra cost?

3. Are we able to transfer to CTI to do their horseback riding? The FAQ's is unclear to me. It says you can't transfer to do excursions, does this count as an excursion? I am a Romance Rewards member, and I was planning on using the Trading Places program to go to CTI purely for the horseback riding.

4. Are there waves or is the shore pretty calm?

Thanks so much for any help you can give me!!!