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    Default Air Jamaica 10-6-2009

    Air Jamaica board sticking around
    Published: Tuesday | October 6, 2009
    Gary Spaulding, Senior Gleaner Writer

    The board of directors of Air Jamaica has been retained temporarily to guide the carrier through its divestment phase.

    President and Chief Executive Officer Bruce Nobles confirmed that although the tenure of the Air Jamaica board ended midnight last Wednesday, its members have been asked to stay on.

    Nobles revealed that Finance Minister Audley Shaw, who has portfolio responsibility for the debt-riddled airline, asked the members to remain.

    "The board will stay on for a couple of months ... the minister has asked them to stay on through the divestment period," Nobles told The Gleaner.

    He declined to elaborate on the nature of the tenure, saying he was not a member of the Shirley Williams-led board.

    Other members include Omar Parkins, Dennis Lalor, Richard Byles, Carolyn Hayle and Wilfred Bagaloo.

    Prime Minister Bruce Golding told Parliament last week that the Air Jamaica privatisation team reported to Cabinet on Monday.

    "The negotiating partner completed its due diligence on September 12 and Cabinet will shortly make its decision and advise Parliament," Golding said.

    High cost

    In August, the prime minister told a Gleaner Editors' Forum that his administration was challenged by the high cost of privatisation.

    "The cost for privatising is known, it's close to $200 million and the question is whether that can be accommodated within the kind of fiscal realities of this year," Golding explained.

    He said the cost of not privatising was not really known as the losses could not be predicted.

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    Dad(Rdyjmjm)...I really want to fly Jamaican Air and I would be willing to PAY more for their flight..I think getting on Jamaican Air in the USA would start my Jamaican trip sooner..I sure hope they stay in business.
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    Once upon a time we had AJ in Boston offering non stop flights back in 2005. We had the best flight that I have ever flown on. I've flown around the USA alot but never have I encountered this type of excellent service.

    The flight took off on time. The flight staff was super. The meal was GOOD and not peanuts. We arrived on time.

    That was the last time we had Air Jamaica and it was also the last time we experienced the old airport.

    I kinda miss that old, rustic and rusty feeling. NOT!

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    I second what you said about Air Jamaica Rdyjmjm! Every time we have been to Jamaica we have had an Air Jamaica flight and the best service HANDS DOWN, best food, best overall flight. And I agree with Tommywommy that it makes the vacation start all the sooner!

    But, unfortunately since they are no longer flying out of Atlanta, we won't be taking them on our next trip down there. I am completely bummed about this but.. what can ya do.

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    Sorry to be so dense but what is divestment? Does it mean sale?

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    Our best flights have been on Air Jamaica out of Philly... their flight times are fantastic, it's almost like getting 2 bonus days on your trip. The flight arrives in MBJ around 10 am getting you to Couples between noon and 1 pm.. so you have the better part of your arrival day to enjoy, and the flight home leaves at 5 which puts you on the good-by bus around one, so you can enjoy your morning at couples....
    I think their meal plan has changed, and they are charging for the second checked bag, but all in all it's still the best flight
    CTI/April Amigos

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