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    We love getting dressed nicely for dinner in the evening, but are concerned about the fact that getting from the room to the restaurants requires a significant amount of walking with no cover from the weather. Just wondering whether umbrellas are provided in the rooms at CSS?

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    Yes, umbrellas are provided. There should be a large one in your closet. If not, call the front desk and they'll run one up to you. Typically there's more rain during the day than in the evening. Have fun at worries!!

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    Thanks for the quick reply 'Bart & Bug'. Coming from the UK, so we're really used to sheltering under a brolly. Hopefully none will be needed mid May at CSS, but good to know they are provided.

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    You're welcome P+J. Typically any rain comes during the day and and doesn't last long. We will be at CN during that time and will hope for beautiful weather on both coasts. Have a wonderful stay at CSS...the most romantic of all Couples Resorts (in our opinion).

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