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    We thoroughly enjoyed our first trip to CN in Jan of 2013. We are looking at going back in early 2015, and we have bragged it up so much we have others that want to go with us. Does CN still serve top shelf alcohol? Last time it stated on the site they served top self alcohol, but can't seem to find it this time? Also when is the best time to book for January 2015?

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    What do you consider top shelf? I've seen people be upset that the bar's don't have a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue for someone to drink while they are there. However I've certainly seen a bottle of Gray Goose behind the bar at more than one Couples Resort. Context is key. For the price of my time at a Couples resort I would not expect a bottle of Louis XIII to be available.

    As for January, we booked as soon as the calendar on the Couples site allowed us. We had to wait for 2013 pricing. However we've already booked for September 2015 so if you are planning to visit anything close to Christmas or New Years, I would book very soon.

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