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    Default Bad, bad news....

    Mount Gay Distillery is closed!! Nectar of the gods will cease to flow...such bad news.

    Say it ain't so!!

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    Who needs Mount Gay when there's Appleton's?!!

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    Sailors need two things...wind and Mount Gay.

    Appleton's is an "ashore" drink, at best.

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    I've tried and enjoyed Mt. Gay; but I am hard pressed to compare it favorably to my taste for Appleton VX and Appleton Extra. It does compare well to Appleton Special. In my world, nothing but air touches the VX or Extra from the time it's poured into my snifter till the time it reaches my taste buds. The Mt. Gay and Appleton Special does a great job of adding rum flavoring to cola; but then, so does Wrey & Nephew. ;-)

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    As a sailor, I have won my fair share of Mt. Gay rum at various regatta's. I have also had my share of Appleton's in various flavors from resort blend to VX and currently enjoying a 12 year old blend. If you're mixing with Coke it really doesn't matter. As far as sippin' rum, I prefer my current bottle of 12 year old Private Reserve Appleton's. Hope it last until we return home in 100 days.

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    I think the sailing community has a loyalty to MG....likely more to do with tradition than anything else. That said, I really do enjoy MG straight up.

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