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    Default Joining the Couples Family! CSA Oct 2014

    Hi everyone! We finally booked our honeymoon last night and we are officially on the Couples Bandwagon! We are going to CSA and have a reservation for the Greathouse veranda suite. If anyone can offer some tips, pictures of the room, etc. we would greatly appreciate it. We are very much looking forward to our wedding and now more than ever our honeymoon! Cannot wait for October to get here!

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    Don't make to many plans before you come. Go on the first Orientation Tour you can after you arrive. They leave from he main lobby at 10am and 5pm every day. They take you all through the resort and show you everything that's available, including all the off-site tours. Then make your decisions on what to do. Even then, don't plan too much in advance except dinner reservations at the fancy restaurants. Water sports tours need to be booked one day in advance as do spa reservations. Aside from that, just take it a day a at time. Do take a walk down Long Bay (to the left as you face the ocean) one day.
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    Congrats karebear! You are going to love csa. I have a pic of the outside of the greathouse and the view you might have but some of my pics are too big. From the pics I've seen the gh rooms look really nice. We actually booked one once but got upgraded and never saw the inside for ourselves. If you want to see the pics, I could email them. Otherwise, have an awesome honeymoon. It's paradise! [email]
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    What dates will be you all be there? We are there 10/20-27.... We love a good wedding! Congrats and welcome to the family!

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    We will be at CSA for our honeymoon October 12-19th. Hope to see you there!
    Bonnie & Jon

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