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    Default Romance Rewards Card

    I read on the message board somewhere that you will receive a Romance Rewards card. How long does it usually take it get one? I signed up over two months ago.

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    These are no longer issued. Everything is now on computer so you don't need to show your card as in the past. The hotel has all your details all you need to do is select your drinks, etc. for the minibar before you arrive!!

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    They did away with the cards years ago.
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    I don't think they give out actual cards anymore. Just write it down and remember it so you check out your status etc. on the Romance Rewards page.

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    Hello, I've been a romance reward member for a few years now and I don't think you will receive a card. When you signed up you should have been assigned an account number. That is all you will need. Happy travels.
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    Early in the program, Couples would send a card to new Romance Rewards members, but I think they discontinued issuing cards years ago when Couples "went green."
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    I'm not aware of any card for romance rewards. Not sure where you saw that.

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    There is no actual card. You sign up online and can access your account there. No real need for a card to carry around. Note that your romance rewards isn't actually active until you have had at least one stay with Couples.

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    I have a number but no card.

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    No card. Just a #

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    You don't get a card or anything like that. Simply go to romance rewards and log in with your guest ID or email and password. You can see your activity, romance reward points and can pre-check in.

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    Couples went "Green" a few years back and no longer send out the card.
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    If i remember you have to join before you get it.
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    I bring my card anyways just in case

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    I have a card! I keep it in my wallet and look at it when I have a long day!

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    I still have my card from back in the day and bring it just in case.

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    My card at Swept Away years ago. Won third in the old photo contest with it.
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    I still have my card. Makes me feel important when I pull it out and look at it.

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