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    Default Soy Milk?? Vegan choices

    We have been to CSA 4 times and this May will be our 5th. We have just started a Vegan Lifestyle and were wondering if they have soy or almond milk? Also wondering what kind of Vegan choices do they have to eat? I know they have a wide variety of fruits and veggies at the buffet, sweet potato fries at sea grapes and Hummus. My husband is in the third stage of kidney failure and we have had to change the way we eat, and we are hoping my husband's Chronic Kidney Disease gets better. Thanks to everyone and we will see you all in May.

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    I'm curious as well. I LOVE the dirty banana drinks, but they are made with dairy. I am moderately lactose intolerant. It doesn't bother me too much, but the gas may bother others! LOL. Could the dairy drinks be made with a milk alternative like soy/almond/rice milk? Do they have that at the resorts? I'm aware I can take the lactase supplements to aid dairy digestion, but they seem to be only moderately effective.
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    I'm a strict ovo-lacto vegetarian of 18 years and have never eaten so well as when I went to CSA for our honeymoon in Sept 2012! I can't comment on the soymilk / almond milk because I'm not drinker of any type of diary or dairy analog (we love almond milk and have it in our fridge....but we just don't ever drink it, lol!!). Seagrapes has two menues that they rotate throughout the week. They have veggie kabobs with tofu dipping sauce, a veggie burger every day, vegan gazpacho, lots of vegan fruit soups OMG I was going bonkers with all of the options. I'll post the photos of the menus in this thread. On top on that, at every single restaurant, they offer at LEAST one specific vegetarian or vegan entree. They are VERY aware of their ingredients and will ask if you are vegetarian or vegan when inquire about something. For instance, when we went to Lemongrass, I told the waitress that I was vegetarian and she said "vegetarian or vegan?" and I said strict vegetarian and she was great. When she came back with my appetizers she explained that the reason why one of the things I ordered was missing was because it had oyster sauce in it. LOVED HER FOR DOING THAT!!! Patois always has impressive vegetarian offerings too. Feathers had amazing gourmet veggie options. I had a beggars purse one night which was phyllo filled with this chicpea veggie blend. The bufffet (palms) is decent, but to be honest, I'd prefer to be served off of a menu. We went to the Palms one night and it was just ok. We only typically went there for breakfast and would swing by Seagrapes for some fresh fruit smoothies or juice. You will LOVE seagrapes for lunch though. The entire menu is vegetarian with the addition of seafood offerings. Let me know if you have any other questions. The reason we're going back to Couples in May is because it's the only all inclusive we can go to where I can eat amazing vegetarian fare. In Mexico and the Dominican it is so hard to communicate my diet and I never knew what I was going to get. Name:  IMG_2348.jpg
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    They offer to make smoothies with soymlk. If you ask for it it should be made available I bet. However, I would not anticipate the bars having it to make dirty bananas. Plus I'm quite sure the rum creams have dairy.

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    Thanks for all the info . I know they have a lot of choices and thanks to you I know what some of the vegan choices will be. I never paid that much attention to vegan choices there before . Thanks

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