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    In Atrium Suite 2123 right now as I lay in The hammock with a beach and ocean view. Overwhelmed by everything: exceptional customer service, breathtaking beach, crystal clear water, nice variety of food and drink, georgeous clean surroundings and plenty of Janaican culture to absorb

    No worries be Happy at CSA

    Joe and Mickey

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    We stayed in that room on our last trip! Loved it!
    CSA 2009, 2011 & 2013

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    Just left that room on Tues. Loved it. Enjoy.

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    Told ya

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    I just went to hit the Like button on this post. (Too much time on facebook for me I think).

    That being said, your post made me happy. And excited! 28 more sleeps for us!

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    We just left CSA last Thursday. The tan is fading and we are already missing that wonderful beach. Enjoy every second while you are there.

    Life is good

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    This is making me Excited! Can't wait until April 9th!!!

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    Good times continue met couples from England and Minnesota at Beach Party. Great time

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    32 and a wake up for us til we are back home at CSA!!

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    31 days until we are Home!!

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