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    Default CSA Wedding - What time??

    Trying to figure out the perfect time to get married at CSA in December 2014. I want to avoid the rain showers if possible. Think that 11am would be best??

    Any advise??


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    We got married at 10 am in Feb, it was GLORIOUS! This April, our vow renewal is at 11. I sleep later so I don't want to be rushed. You will have a better chance of showers later in the afternoon.

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    I think the options available are 10, 11, 2 & 4. My hubby and I debated about this. He wanted to get married at 10 the reasons being, less chance of rain and it is really beautiful in the morning. I wanted to get married at 4, reasons being, I only wanted to get dressed once for the day, get sunset pictures and move into the evening festivities without changing clothes throughout the day. Well the Bride won. We did not experience any rain on our day (whew) the 2 days after our wedding the couples who got married at that time did. The only drawback for us at 4 is it was very sunny and a lot of squinting in our pictures. I was happy to have gone with the 4 time slot and would do it again. I didn't want to be up at the crack of dawn at the beauty parlor, but then again, I'm not really a morning person and my hubby is. The 4 time slot also worked well as we bought evening passes for our sons to be there, and they were able to enjoy the evening celebration with us. Yes, they could have done the day pass, but it was nice going into an evening dinner, entertainment, music and a bonfire. So in hindsight the 4 worked well for us.

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    Glorous day!!

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    We were blessed that day

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