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Thread: WIFI at CTI

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    Default WIFI at CTI

    Heading to CTI soon and wondering how the WIFI is there, in the rooms and around the resort. Have to check in with kids, etc. thanks in advance.

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    Wi Fi is great all around the resorts and in rooms, there is also a computer room where you can print off return boarding passes should you need this facility. Should be ok to check in with the kids. I'm sure you'll love CTI - have a great time.

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    We were there two years ago and it was just fine! We could access the wi-fi from our room, restaurants, problem. You should be just fine!

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    And let me clarify for all those thinking we're crazy for being that connected everywhere...for the most part it was just with our Kindles for reading and we brough up the internet twice to share photos of our family with some staff we became friends with!

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    We had no signal in our room but a strong signal in the hall, balcony, on the beach at most of the restuarants. DH had to work some and he did so from the balcony. We were able to FaceTime from the balcony as well.


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    We used it in our room a few weeks ago and it worked just fine but there is always the internet room, they have about 10 computers in there you can use for free.

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    We were on the top floor of building 3 and it worked ok back in October. Some days it would be good inside the room other days the signal came and went. The year before in building 4 it only worked on the balcony, we were in the part of building 4 closest to the beach.

    I have to work a little on every day of any vacation so I must have internet access. Several years ago they did not have access in the rooms so I had to go to the internet cafe and then wifi would allow me to sit in the lobby.

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    Thanks so much for all the replies..

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    In building 5 last summer was able to get on the internet for facebooking and skyping in the room with my Kindle Fire HD, but the signal was stronger on the balcony.

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    You can even get a fairly good Wifi signal over on (Au Naturel) Tower Island.

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