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    Default What currency to bring

    This may seem a silly question but we are first timers to Jamaica - and to Couples. We are from the UK and are wondering whether to bring US dollars or Jamaican currency for spending, and also for tipping. Which is preferred?

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    US dollars

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    Either works...I suspect they wouldn't turn their nose up at British pounds (or quid or pence or whatever the heck it is called of there ).

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    US dollars are widely accepted.

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    They typically prefer the US dollar to the Jamaican dollar as the US has more value. You'll also find that the price of things gets better when offering the US dollar over their own.

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    US dollars are the preferred currency. If you gave someone a $20.00 tip in Jamaican dollars, they wouldn't be too happy, in US Dollars, you'd be their hero. I don't like to figure out exchange rates while on vacation (In my alchohol-altered state). If you go to a jamaican restaurant, the bill is usually in US$. Hope this helped. Have a great time!

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    It works on this post, and your other post... American money only. On a side note, it takes awhile for things to post on this site so patience..... Enjoy CSA!!!

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    Thank you all, got our US$ from the travel exchange today. Just 15 sleeps to go now, can't wait!

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