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    What is the best way to call home to US? My cell service will not work in Jamaica. I have to talk to my kids everyday!

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    We're in the same boat, so we email our grown children to let them know we made the trip safely, etc. and update them on the fun we're having, as all Couples resorts have a free internet cafe. I've heard you can buy phones to use for your purpose in the gift shops but have never done so.

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    Use Skype now

    Our Verizon cell phone works fine.

    Before cell phones we had them call us each night at 7:00, you have them call the front desk like any other hotel.

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    Best way I found is the JusTalk calling card -they are very cheap - 3 or 4$ for 30 minutes- we have only been able to get them at CSA and not at CN. Can get them at the convenience store across the street from CN. Skype and FaceTime are inconsistent, but we use that on occasion.

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    The best way for us to stay in contact with family during our stay at CSA was via facetime/skype. I found that in our room and in several locations on the beach we had a solid wifi connection and I'd use my iphone or ipad to connect. In our room we could use the laptop. We kept our phones on airplane mode while in Jamaica to avoid roaming fees and just turned the wifi on. Worked like a charm!

    You may have to wander a bit to find a decent connection but keep in mind there are several different connections. Play around with the different ones in different areas. We would use one connection in our room and connect to a different one on the beach.

    As far as using the phones in the room, I don't remember the exact charges however I'm pretty sure the 2 phone calls we did make were only about $2-3 each. Granted there were less than 10 minutes each.

    Hope this helps!

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    We just use the room phone for a $1 a minute & e-mail to keep in touch.

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    Have to? lol....On our first trip to CSA we used skype to talk to the kids but not every day maybe 2-3 times out of the week we were gone. They didn't want or need to talk to us every day (ages 5, 11, and 13). They barely missed us lol. They were in good hands. I wasn't worried in the slightest so I never felt I had to talk to them every day. You can purchase a calling card from the resort shop. Or you can set up your cell to be able to call from Jamaica. It is rather expensive though.

    You will find when you are relaxing on the beach that the "have to call them everyday" will fade away.

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    We used Facebook messages for our teens, its free and the most convenient way to contact them.
    I also have a business and need to be available for emergency's so we also use this;
    All you do is buy the phone… you do get charged each use, but Its nice to have. You will get a international number to use, the company is great about answering questions. (I had quite a few, lol) The phone and number our yours and you can use it for years
    Have a great vacation!

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    Skype using WiFi

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    My wife bought $10 worth of skype credit like 4 trips ago. She calls her dad every day (and I call a buddy once per trip to let him know I am about to have a rum & diet cola on the beach for him...but he is coming in April, so there's one less call). Anyway, where was I? Oh yeah, skype! We still have something like $7 credit left. If you don't have a smart phone to do skype, calling home every day during a vacation just might pay for the phone. (well, maybe not)

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    We always like to have a quick check-in every day. This helps us relax and enjoy our child-free time more. Every family is different and whatever works best for your family is just fine.

    We've always used the Jus Talk cards from CSA. I know there are more modern methods of contact now...just in time for us to be empty nesters and not need them anyway. However, those, plus a dollar or two connection fee by the Couples operator (and you can make multiple calls with one operator connection) still work great and cheaply from your room.

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    From CSA we have always used the JusTalk cards from the gift shop. Easy and cheap. We tried skype last summer, it was awful. Wifi in our room was too weak to get a call through. Signal on the verandah was a bit stronger, but conversations were delayed or broken almost every time we tried it. We wound up going down to the gift shop and purchasing a JusTalk card once again. Your milage may vary, of course.
    See you at the beach!
    dirtleg & sandyfoot

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    Last three times, we were at CSS and the wifi was spotty. We'd use Skype. Even if we couldn't connect through video, we'd type messages back and forth to the kids (now 6, 8, 10). We have another trip planned in 2015 (only 413 days!) and we'll probably do Skype again, or just email. Trying to connect with the kids every single day at a certain time was stressful for me (mom). After a day or so, I've calmed down and got into the vibe so why stress myself out? Kids were fine and in good hands, so a few emails back and forth will be what we are doing next time.

    Enjoy your trip!

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    We use an app on our iphones called Viber. We can call or text by using Wifi only. Haven't had any problems with it, though some of the calls sound like you are in a well.

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