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    Default Club Mobay Tipping?

    I did a quick search for an answer to this and really didn't find anything on whether or not to tip at Club Mobay. We are going to use the arrival service for Club Mobay for the first time next month. I have seen a few posters say that they tipped the person that greets you. I'm anything but cheap when it comes to tipping having worked jobs where I depended on tips for my income many years back but I'm also thinking that we are paying $100 just to avoid the Friday lines. I doubt that we will even use the actual lounge at Club Mobay because our past experience with our Couples shuttle has been usually a short 15-20 minute wait.
    So...after all that, have any of you tipped the people at Club Mobay and, if so, who & how much. Thanks!

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    Inbedded in some of the other threads about Club Mobay questions about tipping have come up. Look through the last 2 pages of threads for different Mobay topics and there are some references to tipping.

    BUT, from what I have gathered the consensus seems to tip about $10 for the Club Mobay rep that greets and escorts you. Then maybe some tipping in the lounge if you use it instead of the couples lounge. We're using it for the first time next month as well. Arrive on 4/12 for CN.

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    Yes, 5-10$US, 20 if you want. Tip everyone except Couples employees. Note: The Club Mobay lounge is right next to the Couples lounge and they have food.
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    I was wondering the same thing, but had seen mention of tipping the escort that meets you and guides you through customs. Would love to know what most tip though.

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    We tipped $10. The Club Mobay Arrivals Lounge is right next door to Couples' lounge. They offer snacks and rum punch....a nice alternative if Red Stripe isn't your drink of choice! Have a great trip!!!!:-)

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    We have only used Cub Mobay on departure, and yes we tipped the servers and bartenders.

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    Thanks to all for the replies!

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    The representative who meets you at the plane and escorts you through the airport also serves you food and drink in the lounge. We tipped our girl $10.
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