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    Default Condition of Tennis Racquets are CSS these days? Anyone played there lately?

    We sometimes enjoy traveling with only carry-on luggage to Jamaica and when we do you generally don't take our tennis racquets even though we like to play some every day. Has anyone seen or used the racquets available at CSS recently? What kind are they and what condition are they in?


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    The first year we used the resort racquets
    I thought that they were fine
    Can't remember the type

    Now we bring our own
    We are just more comfortable with them. We carried them on the plane in our racquet bag
    We also put our tennis wear and shoes in that bag
    works well for us


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    I think this just depends on how serious a player you are. If you mostly play on vacations, or just play very casually and want to have fun hitting around, I am sure that CSS will have fine racquets that they keep in good enough condition. If you are more serious players who play regularly at home in any sort of competitive way, you probably wouldn't be asking the question in the first place because I'm sure you'd be very attached to your own racquets, string tension, grip size, and so forth.

    We play at CSA, where most of the players who participate in the fantastic tennis programs there tend to bring their own equipment. However, CSA is the resort of the 4 that tennis players flock to. There are definitely casual players who just want to enjoy some tennis with their spouse or take a few lessons who I see borrowing CSA's racquets regularly. I am guessing CSS's would be similarly fine.

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