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    Default AN at CN for day

    Staying at CSA next week

    Should we try the AN beach at CN

    Any tips or advice

    We stayed at CSS in 2012 but didn't do AN

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    Assuming you're talking about visiting CN with "Trading Places"...yes, we would say to try it out.

    As for tips, first get some "liquid courage" before you head over...but not too much. Then go on over to the AN beach and enter from the Building 9 side (not from the ocean side). Find loungers along the hedges near building 9 (this will put you further from the beach so as to feel less "exposed"). Get naked, put a beach towel on your chair, apply sunscreen frequently and enjoy getting an all over tan.

    There is a bar where you can replenish your "liquid courage" right there (visit this as needed). If you should happen to want a little more adventure, wrap a floatie around yourselves and walk out to the ocean. There's nothing like going for a naked dip in the ocean.

    The big things is to relax and enjoy the experience. Nobody is judging anyone there. And, since you're staying at CSA, you won't have to face the people you see on the AN beach at CN (that should remove a little more pressure). Have a great time and give it a try!

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    Once you try it you will never go back to CSA since they don't have a AN beach.

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    Most definitely! Take the plunge, and give it a try! There's a good chance you'll love it, and even if you don't, hey, you tried! Besides, it's nice not to have to pack wet swimsuits home!

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    misskathyi2009 Guest


    Most definitely head over to CN and the au natural beach. Once you try it you will love it and will be wondering why didn't we do this sooner.

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    Definitely do this! That's what we did during our Honeymoon at CSA in Sept 2012....we liked it so much that now we have to go to CN (this May) for a week because CSA doesn't have an AN area. Hah.

    We started off by each downing a Bob Marley shot or two at the pool bar, headed over to the AN section, stripped down, and the rest is history. It was awesome!


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    Will do thanks

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    Bob Marley good idea Laura

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