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    Default The coolest thing about Couples....

    There are so many great things about Couples. I guess that is why so many of us continue to do our yearly, and sometimes more than yearly, trek back to the shores of Jamaica to our home away from home. Couples has certainly welcomed us with open arms, and brought each of us into their world as if we were actually family. They gave us a place to vacate our daily lives in a way that I have never experienced before. I am certainly not as seasoned a traveler as many of you, but I've been around the block, so to speak. I have been from end to end of Canada, did some travelling in the USA, been to Germany, Czech Republic, The Ukraine, Bahamas, Mexico, St Maarten, and St Thomas.
    In all my limited travels, I have never found a place like Couples. It certainly has become our second home, as it has for many. We each have our favorite one, and for good reason. I think it's because we feel that we actually belong there. We don't really feel like a guest, but more as a part of it. We fit in.
    Each of the resorts is special in it's own way but the constant thing is the great "welcome home", the great staff, the great food, great service, the awesome ambiance. It is to us paradise on earth.
    But for all of which they provide for us, as special as it is, is definitely not THE coolest thing about Couples. Yes it's a great place. Yes it has amazing staff, food, service. Couples, for many of us, has provided the setting for what I think is the coolest thing about Couples.
    To me, THE coolest thing about Couples is..... the other guests.
    Never have I found a group of people, from all different places, different backgrounds, different ideologies, that have a common love for a place like the love we have for Couples. For all those that I have met, and even those that I haven't, I have found some very common personal traits in everyone.
    Everyone has a deep founded appreciation for life. They are happy. They are content. They don't fuss about trivial things. They love their spouse. They love their families. They are not egotistical. They have manners. They have respect.
    I have met so many, both actually at CSS and on the different message boards, and they have become friends to me. This thing called the internet certainly brings people together in ways never imagined before. Heck I met the love of my life on the internet ( thank God she responded to my simple message ).
    So I want to thank you for being THE coolest thing about Couples, for being the great person that you are, and for being a friend.

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    Well said! We've met some amazing friends at Couples and have extended our friendships beyond Jamaica and now visit each other as often as we can. This year's trip is going to be amazing since those friends that we've met at different times are all going to CSS at the same time this year! We cannot wait. What a blessing Couples is!
    CN 2003, 2006, 2013
    CSS 2010, 2011, 2012, 2014
    There's no place like home in Jamaica!

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    Well said. Before our last trip, we met a couple on the message board, and joked about seeing them on the bus... It actually happened that we were the ONLY two couples on the bus that day.. So funny walking up to a couple, start talking to them, and realize you already know their names! We enjoyed having dinner with them a few times and spending time on the beach. It is really fun meeting and making new friends while at Couples... hoping to make more this June at CN!!

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    I have to agree with you also. How many times on this board have we got a message from a guest about a tragedy, health problems, etc. asking for prayers, and the response is always tremendous. The prayers they receive from those on this board and the comfort from others here (even if they don't know you) is great. The majority of Couples guests are great people.

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