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    We are arriving at CSA 24th March for our second visit. We had such a wonderful time last time and thought we would like to give something back this time with some school supplies. We intend to hand these over at reception at CSA.

    I work for the Police in the UK and mentioned this to a colleague and word soon spread! We now have quite a hoard to bring with us thanks to some great contributions.

    My question is does anyone know if we will encounter any problems at the airports (departure Gatwick UK and arrival at Mobay). We are putting the supplies split between our two checked bags.

    I'm worried about having anything taken from us by breaking any airport laws.

    Thanks for any advice you can offer


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    We've done this many times and never had a problem. The last time we brought a whole suitcase full of teaching materials. When they asked us what this was for in Customs at MBJ we told them it was for children at a basic school (pre-K) in Negril (CSA supports the Mt. Airy Basic School). They asked if we were teachers and we quickly said "yes" and they sent us on our way with a "thank you".

    Have a great visit and thank you for bringing school supplies to these children. If you'd like a real blessing...ask if you can go with the CSA liaison to the school and spend some time with the teachers and kids!

    Bart & Bug

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    I normally come down with school supplies, tools, clothing ect. The only time I was charged customs is when I had automotive parts for a person I met in Jamaica years back. Schools supplies have never been a problem.

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    We have brought school supplies and actually were allowed to go to the school and hand them over. Swept Away arranged for a driver at no cost. Seeing the kids was really cool. All the kids were dressed in uniforms, and neat as a pin. If you get a chance, it doesn't take a lot of time, it's well worth it, and it puts a lot of things in perspective.

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    Thanks all - thats great.

    Do you happen to know if we have to fill out any customs forms for these? We will be using Club Mobay arrival service this time so hopefully they will be able to iron out any problems.

    I'm a worrier - about everything lol!!

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    Joolz, bit of a thread hijack going on here! Looks likely we're on the same flight. Have been considering Club Mobay. I take your previous experience makes you feel it's worthwhile. Was there a long wait to get through immigration etc?

    We've also been talking about bringing some things for the school but, as flying down from Glasgow first, weight might be an issue! What kind of things are you taking?

    Won't be long now!

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    Thanks, all. As a couple that hasn't had kids in basic school for longer than I'm prepared to say, can anyone highlight what type of school supplies would be most useful? I'm sure anything, but for those with some experience, what might be most useful. Thanks for the help, Costco run next week, with an airline ride the week after.
    Remember Team CSA!

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    Hi alcraw - we only did departure last time with club mobay and it was so good we decided to do arrivals as well this time. The reviews on TA are great and any time we can save to arrive at CSA a bit sooner has got to be worth it We're on the 09:15 from Gatwick arriving at 14:45 - I have red hair in a short bob - if you spot us say hi Getting excited now!!!

    alcraw and norge1st - we are taking all sorts of stuff - pencils, sharpeners, erasers, math sets, coloured pencils, felt tip pens, biros, pencil cases, rulers, notebooks etc etc. We've tried to get lightweight wherever possible, I'm hoping that we've got the right sort of things.

    11 days to go - yay!!!

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    No need to worry about filling out any customs forms for school supplies.


    If you contact the resort directly they will have a liaison to the school the resort sponsors. This person can get info from the school itself as to what they need. Typically they need pens (all colors), markers (permanent and dry erase), crayons, books, puzzles and paper. Sometimes they can even use an older, but functional, computer or printer. Anything that can be used for teaching in a basic school will be greatly appreciated.

    Have an awesome time getting to know the kids of Jamaica. You'll have a blast!!

    Bart & Bug

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    Just a bump.
    Thanks for the info, Bart & Bug. We have a list, she has checked twice, should be good to go.
    2 short weeks to Paradise.

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    B & B, we have been told that school bags are needed. Do you, or anyone have any idea what that means specifically, in Jamaica? Is this a book bag, or one of those backpacks popular now in the US? Also, hard cover notebook? Is that a wire bound notebook? Geez, this is showing age. Any help would be great.

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    School bags could be backbacks. Hard covered notebooks might be wire bound or 3-ring binders. It would probably be good to contact the liaison at the resort for clarification.

    You're welcome and have a great visit!!

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