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    Default Bubba Kegs at CSA

    Hello seasoned CSA travelers.

    We are planning on bringing our 22oz Bubba Kegs with us to CSA this May and want to know if the will be filled by the bar staff.

    I know that we will be using them on the balcony of our Atrium Suite.

    We took these to Punta Cana last June (our kids took their Disney mugs) and found them to be incredibly useful.

    Fill them up with your beverage of choice and head down the beach for a leisurely stroll.

    It's not about drinking mass quantities as fast as possible, but about convenience.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

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    I've read on here the bartenders aren't allowed to make/fill drinks up in them, but you can order a drink and pour it in there. for this reason, we will be bringing our tervis cups when we visit in may.

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    Don't think so

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    See the management response to this issue in the attached thread.

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    The bartenders are not allowed to fill them and it would really not be very nice to put them in a difficult position by asking them to do so.
    Having said that, we always take our insulated cups with us because we like how they keep the drinks cold and the sand out and we use them every day but we don't ever ask the bartender to fill them because we know they are not allowed to do so. I will get a drink and pour it into the mug myself if I am taking it to the beach with me. I still get the benefit of my Tervis Tumbler and I don't create an awkward situation for the bartender.

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    Forget the Bubba's. We brought them first year and never used them at CSA. The bars are so close you can get a refreshed drink within minutes. Also, there is the red-flag service. Just raise the flag and soon someone will stop by to take your order and bring it to you.

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    It's against policy & health standards to refill your mugs. However, you can fill it yourself just be getting two drinks and putting them in your mug.

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    No the bar staff will not fill these. They only use the glasses used in the bar.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearso View Post
    No the bar staff will not fill these. They only use the glasses used in the bar.
    I was at CSA in January and there was two men with Bubba kegs. They had no trouble getting them refilled at the pool bar.

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    We just bring a simple foam can koozie. The cups fit perfectly, and they definitely keep your drink colder, longer.

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    Thanks for your replies. We do not want to put any staff member in an uncomfortable situation. That is why we aksed ahead of time. Now we know.

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    If you do take your Bubbas, do not expect the bartenders to fill them, just ask for two of what you are drinking and pour them in yourself. We did this last year and did not bother anyone in our group. The bartenders are great and we did not want to cause them any issues with management.
    If your inclined, just get a tray of drinks and take out into the water and serve everyone around you, just make sure you return the tray and cups, its a great way to meet others.

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