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    Default First Time to CSA & Jamaica - Must Do? Must See?

    Greetings Everyone!

    My Fiance and I are getting married in April and will be traveling to Couples Swept Away in mid-April. We're so excited about the honeymoon but swamped with the wedding planing as the date nears. We could REALLY use, and would greatly appreciate, the help and advice of experienced travelers to CSA and Jamaica. I would like to put my mind at ease an know that we have some stuff preplanned, rather do it while we are there and possibly miss out.

    My main questions revolve around what is the best things to do at CSA and nearby off the resort?

    My Fiance and I are a fairly active couple that loves to explore, listen to live music, and eat good food...and while we will definitely enjoy some quality R&R on the beech...with drinks, we don't want to over do it, spending the entire week in the same place doing the same thing. I would be interested in some of your favorite activities ON and OFF the resort. We do have a slight concern for safety off the resort and have read not to walk the beeches at night, so we would like to keep that element in mind. BTW - Any tips on remaining safe (dos & don'ts)?

    I know Couples Swept Away includes lots of activities so in your experience, what is AMAZING and a "MUST DO", and what is "meh, so-so"? Any secrets you can share?

    While we have time, is there anything that we would need to reserve or sign up for in advance?

    I do know we would like to go on the catamaran cruise, check out Rick's Cafe, and go horseback riding on the beech - comments/suggestions?

    We are open to any ideas and suggestions you may have for us?

    Lastly we are needing a new camera. I have considered a weather proof so we can travel with it without fear of it being easily damaged but at the same time we would love great shots and our past waterproof camera took poor photos. What do most folks bring by way of cameras?

    Thanks in advance to any and all that can contribute to our CSA Honeymoon experience!!!

    - Texas Couple

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    The first thing is congrats! Csa is the perfect place for your honeymoon. I will say though is don't overplan activities. There is so much to enjoy on the resort and your time goes so fast.
    Our 6th trip (7th to couples) to csa is coming up in 42 sleeps and we cannot wait too. Our favorite activities are the catamaran cruise(a must do), walking Long Bay for shopping, red stripe drinking and sightseeing, a taxi to Ricks Cafe for a beer and sunset. Kayaking, paddleboarding and chillin on the beach with a book and of coarse, people watching.
    If you'd like a video and a few pics, email me at
    I hope you love csa as much as we do, have a great trip. Btw, when are you going? We'll be there April 18-25

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    Going in 6 nights

    Get you a full report

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    Thank you for your reply Softail19. Over planning is probably easily done, we appreciate the suggestions. Can't wait. We arrive 1 day before you on the 17th! Here's to good weather.

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    Texascouple, we've been blessed with pretty good weather the last few trips in April so let's keep our fingers crossed

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    If it interests you at all, I would highly recommend you make your way across the street to the sports complex and check out the tennis program. It's one of the best in the Caribbean. You get an hour of private lessons between you included in your AI package. It's amazing!

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    Congratulations! Suzi and I will be celebrating our 1st Anniversary at CSA on 4/20 where we got married last year. You have chosen the best of the best for your honeymoon and one thing is certain, you will be back!

    As far as off the resort activities, see this thread: the Jerk Tour.

    Don't over-plan. Just go with the flow. Do go snorkeling; it's very relaxing and while it's not the Great Barrier Reef, there's still plenty to see. Do get a massage at the spa. Contact the resort now and tell them you are on your honeymoon, there are all sorts of perks.

    If you snorkel, get an inexpensive waterproof camera, otherwise just bring your regular digital.
    Ricky Ginsburg
    On the web, always open

    Boca Raton, Florida
    (just a 75 minute plane flight from paradise)

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    We enjoy the One Love Bus Bar Crawl.

    Call Lenbert for a reservation at 876-874-6631 or email him at Most people tip him US$10 per person. Well worth it. It's a great way to see some of the West End/Cliffs area of Negril.

    Here is the Trip Advisor link that describes it and includes reviews.
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    Watch out for sand gravity.

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    You gotta:

    Take the Orientation Tour to learn your way around and what's available for you
    Try a "Hummingbird" with a Rum Cream Float
    Have Dinner @ Feathers & Lemongrass
    Eat Banana Stuffed French Toast @ Patois Patio
    Walk a couple of miles down 7-mile beach
    Take the Catamaran Cruise and swim to the caves
    Eat Chips with Pumpkin Jalapeno Dip & a Fish Taco @ The Sea Grape Cafe
    Enjoy a Couples Massage
    Try a Soursop or Sweetsop (depending on the season)
    Have a conversation with an employee
    Go to the Friday Shipwreck Beach Party
    See the Silverbirds perform
    Enjoy Jerk Chicken and Meat Patties @ the Cabana Grill
    Come to the Beach Bonfire
    Join Ultimate Chocolate at the Piano Bar
    Have a Smoothie @ the Sports Bar when you need a Rum break
    Float on a floatie or just on your back with your eyes close for awhile...
    Enjoy a Private Dinner on the Beach with your loved one
    Lay in a Hammock

    Swept Away Nov/Dec 08'
    Swept Away Jun 10'
    Swept Away Oct 11'
    Swept Away Jun 15'
    Swept Away Aug 17'

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    Join Romance Rewards...this will allow you to do a Trading Places visit to Couples Negril. It's an activity...yet can be a chill beach day, too. You get to check out a different resort, eat lunch at different restaurants, have fun on another beach. If you miss CSA it is only a 2.5 mile cab ride back.

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