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    Default What the groom should wear?

    Hello! I was wondering if anyone could post some pics of what your hubbies wore for your wedding? Or any ideas? My fiance' bought some of those white cotton linen beach pants which I like a lot but isn't sure what shirt or shoes he should wear with it and I'm no help! lol. Him and his best friend, who will also be there, were thinking about maybe wearing suits but wasn't sure what would go with a beach wedding or wear to get them? All and any suggestions are welcome! Thank you

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    My husband wore linen pants and a blue linen shirt from Tommy Bahama. We also had all the men wear the same shirt, but different colors. Tommy Bahama has so many "beachy" type colors. My only suggestion would be to wear and UNDERSHIRT! The shirts are so light weight they easily show sweat through them...and it's super hot!

    Here pictures:

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    Monica and I also liked the white cotton beach pants. Along with them we found a white beach wedding shirt (Guaybera). Do a Google search and you will find all types of material, patterns, and prices. Suits are just too hot for Jamaica. As far as shoes - sandals or barefoot if getting married on the beach. Trust me - your fiance and his friend will be much more comfortable in a Guaybera, beach pants, and sandals/barefoot.

    Mike and Monica
    Jamaica Soon Come.
    Bob Marleys for everyone!!!!

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    Default Husband's wedding clothes

    My husband wore light weight tan colored Dockers and a white Tommy Bahammas shirt with palm trees on it and brown sandles.
    here is a link to our pics. We were married @CSA on 2/27/09.
    It was a wonderful time. Joy

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